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Get Linked at I/ITSEC

As mentioned by my fellow I/ITSEC bloggers, there’s quite a bit of buzz around the MAK booth! People seem to be instinctively drawn to all of our visualization products, streaming terrain features, and snazzy customer solutions, not only because of MAK’s hard earned reputation in simulation and visualization products, but also because of the eye catching displays and demos.

But (probably because of my role as technical product manager of link products) I just wanted to remind everyone attending I/ITSEC and those who aren’t able to attend that MAK is still going strong with our Link products! If anyone at the show is interested in learning more about MAK’s core products, Including the MAK RTI, VR-Link, VR-Exchange, and the Data Logger, come by our booth and talk to me! I’ve already spoken with a number of Link product users and gotten some great feedback:“ now it’s your turn! I want to hear what you’re currently using our products for and what we can do in the future to meet your Linking needs.

All things MÄK at I/ITSEC
MÄK goes to I/ITSEC!

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