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Experience Multi-Domain Simulation at I/ITSEC 2021 with MAK

We're excited to be back in person this year at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) – our biggest and most anticipated conference of the year!

Our whole team is ready to showcase our evolution as a Training Solutions provider, as well as how our MAK ONE line of COTS Modeling & Simulation products have grown over the years. We'll bring it all together to demonstrate how our MAK ONE suite of COTS products are integrated into end-user training solutions.

Here's what you'll experience at I/ITSEC.

When you stop by our booth #1413, we'll show you individual training within the context of a multi-domain operation on the ground, in the air, on the seas, and in space.

Let's start on the ground, in a dangerous situation. Experience a Call for Fire training exercise, featuring call for artillery and long-range precision fires, running during a complex mission. We'll use VR-Forces' new Behavior Engine to instruct an armor company to breach a minefield and use unmanned ground sensors to protect our flank.

In the air, we'll show you how to set up the user interface to be appropriate for conducting air operations, making it easy to load Air Control Orders, model Air Tasking Orders, and use the custom GUI to manage the airspace. (This month's tech tip previews how you can control the airspace in VR-Forces.)

To give you an example of how MAK ONE is also used for experimentation, let's head to the sea! Here we'll contrive a scenario whereby a swarm of UAVs suddenly appears (seemingly) out of nowhere to attack a destroyer. We'll show you how one could model a prototype laser system that effectively takes out the drones.

We'll use the satellites orbiting the Earth to provide sensor surveillance and to relay communication messages between the air, land, and sea domains.

And because we are always striving to build richer, more complete simulations, we will show you how we can add real-world data feeds to fill the simulation with patterns of life, including all the ships in the seas around our mission area, all the commercial aircraft in the entire United States, and all the satellites in space.

When you visit our I/ITSEC booth, you'll meet several from our team who are excited to show off our Training Solutions.

You'll meet Alicia and Bill, who will walk you through a Forward Observer training exercise using our new MAK Fires training solutions product, a portable training system that delivers effective Call for Fire (CFF) training — wherever you are.

Brian will demonstrate the MAK CST command staff training capabilities. Whether you're training for regular or irregular warfare, border and force protection, or civil emergency response, MAK CST provides realistic scenarios to challenge the trainees so they can hone their decision-making and communication skills.

But wait, that's not all! Yep, there's more.

The rest of our MAK I/ITSEC team is psyched to showcase how our MAK ONE products have advanced over the years. 

After exploring the Training Solutions, let Bob take you deeper into VR-Engage, the enabling technology for the role-playing portions of our Training Solutions. With its new user interface that has a more game-like look and feel, you'll learn how to use VR-Engage to configure simulation models to turn them into first-person interactive simulators for each of the crew positions. See the improvements to DI-Guy that reflect all the specific details such as name, rank, and individual equipment.

Melinda, Mark, and team will show you VR-Forces, our core simulation engine powering the MAK ONE platform. You'll learn how we've optimized the Sim Engine to help you achieve large entity count simulations, in any domain. And ask Mel and Mark about the new Behavior Engine, which allows you to place units and with a single task have them execute complex, coordinated maneuvers.

At the VR-Vantage station, Chris and team will show you how your simulation is rendered to immerse users in a realistic environment — both visually and through sensors. Experience the large library of 3D content and learn the ways you can use geographic information to feed the terrain engine to build detail in your part of the world. 

Learn all about simulation interoperability from Doug and team. Ever wondered which simulation protocol is right for your project? Need help understanding how to connect dissimilar simulators? Need to catch up on the interoperability standards? Doug can show you VR-Link, the MAK RTI, the Data Logger and all the other tools that let you connect simulations into simple or complex networks.

And this year, we've set up a video demonstration area where we've scheduled a series of presentations of advanced capabilities from MAK and our partners. Topics include: A Preview of the MAK ONE Spring 2022 Release, Large Scale Simulation in VR-Forces, The Behavior Engine, The Legion Scalability Framework, MAK ONE in the Cloud, the MAK ONE Architecture, and a Tactical Data Link (TDL) solution provided by our partner CogSim. You can keep up to date on the presentation lineup at

We hope you'll stop by our I/ITSEC booth (#1413), but whether we see you in-person this year at I/ITSEC or not, you can always count on MAK Technologies to deliver a one-world, multi-domain, synthetic environment to meet your Training and Simulation needs.

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