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Configuring Wakes and Prop Wash

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When dynamic ocean is enabled, ships and other surface entities produce wakes and prop wash. You can adjust the wakes and the prop wash to make them look realistic by using the Entity Definition Editor and setting the Ship Wake definitions.

Prop wash -- the disturbance in water caused by vehicles’ propellers -- displays behind surface vehicles that have the prop wash enabled. 

If you experience an issue where the prop wash is broken up, chances are that the system is trying to display more segments than are configured. 

To fix this issue, increase the number of segments. Open the ./data/Environment/Ocean/Triton.config file and find the max-prop-wash-opengl setting, then increase the number. The default is 50, so you might want to change it to 100 to resolve the problem.

You can read more on wakes and prop wash in the VR-Vantage or VR-Forces Users Guide, as well as in the online help. 

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