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Back to the Feature:“ Editing 3D Models in the Entity Editor

It is somewhat axiomatic in the documentation biz that“no one reads the doc&rdquo, unless you make a mistake -“ then everyone reads that section. In the Entity Editor documentation for VR-Forces 3.12, we described a feature that wasn’t actually in the product:“ the ability to edit 3D models in the editor. Since then, every now and then someone asks how to find that feature and we’ve had to admit the error. No more! In VR-Forces 4.0.4, you can edit an entity’s 3D model, XR model, and 2D icon in the Entity Editor.

The Entity Editor lets you quickly and easily change the 3D model used to represent an entity. When you change a model in the Entity Editor, the entity’s model definition also gets changed. (In other words, it is fully integrated with the settings in the Visual Model Editor.) 

The window that shows an entity’s model is live, so you can manipulate the view of the model using the same keys that you would use to move the observer in the VR-Forces Stealth or XR observer modes.

VR-Forces 4.0.4 also restores an Entity Editor feature that was dropped for the initial 4.0.x releases "“ the ability to edit an entity’s 2D icon. As with 3D models, changes you make in the Entity Editor change an entity’s model definition. Using the Entity Editor to edit a 2D icon is considerably easier than doing so in the Visual Model Editor.


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