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Attending the SIGE: Fall 2011

The Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA) annually organizes the Defense Operational Applications Symposium (SIGE). This year the event was scheduled between September 27th to 30th. The SIGE, in the 13th edition, is an international event which the main goal is to create a suitable environment for experiences exchange between military and civilian academic, industrial and commercial institutions interested in defense research and development.

This is a conference where papers are delivered and companies such as Latin Media and VT MÄK are able to attend and exhibit today’s latest COTS technology.

ITA is basically a military school/college where a lot of students come to study aeronautical engineering.  There are a number of divisions within ITA, all offering their expertise and specialty.  There is one group within ITA who has a suite of VT MÄK products that we (I) provided them.  It is a collaborative effort with GMU (See attached) where they are developing a C2 application at GMU in Virginia and then this information and expertise is transferred to Brazil.

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