Simulation has become an accepted, routine, and critical method of training militaries worldwide. Many nations have invested heavily in large simulations for wargaming, however there is no "one size fits all" training simulation. Software that may be appropriate for one nation may be too cumbersome, resource intensive, and unmanageable for others. A low-overhead simulation system will address a nation’s wargaming and constructive simulation requirements, while also being much more economical in terms of procurement, training, and sustainment. 


MÄK CST fills the Command & Staff training capability gap. It combines the user-friendly features of a game with capabilities of the larger, more complex simulations to help trainees learn how to make stronger battlefield decisions. Because of its flexibility and ease-of-use, MÄK CST can be used in the classroom, in the simulation center, on deployment, and at home stations.

The Cost-Effective Solution

MÄK’s CST models the situations that make experiential learning come alive. It works in live, constructive, or virtual simulation environments and can scale from a single computer to distributed networked simulation systems with sites across the world. Our software architecture takes advantage of the latest technology and techniques, like HTML5 and cloud computing, enabling you to deploy your training scenarios wherever your exercise happens. 

With MÄK CST, you can provide tactical displays for situational awareness, or build simple control interfaces to allow instructors to quickly and easily manipulate what’s going on in the simulation. Create scenarios that challenge and inform, that provide mission commanders with decision-making opportunities. MÄK CST provides an environment where the entire command staff can learn to visualize the battlespace and make tactical decisions in a time-constrained and information-rich environment.


What differentiates MÄK CST from other Command & Staff Training simulation software? Aside from its ease-of-use, scalability, and realism, MÄK CST offers you the ability to: 

Whether training for regular or irregular warfare, border and force protection, or civil emergency response, MÄK CST provides realistic scenarios to challenge the trainees and hone their decision-making and communication skills. Want to know more about MÄK CST? Get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or download the MÄK CST whitepaper.