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VT MÄK and Antycip Simulation to Provide Thales with the MÄK High-Performance RTI in a Multi-Year Corporate-Wide Agreement

VT MÄK, Antycip Simulation, and Thales have entered into a multi-year corporate-wide agreement to provide the MÄK RTI to Thales. Using the MÄK RTI, Thales will provide High Level Architecture (HLA) Evolved and HLA 1.3 compatibility to their range of simulations for training, experimentation, and demonstration. 

The MÄK RTI is a proven solution that enables HLA federations to rapidly and efficiently communicate. It has been chosen for both large and small federations because of its support for a wide variety of network topologies and architectures, ease of configuration, high performance, and its range of supported platforms.

MÄK’s first HLA certification came in 1998 and since then, the company has been on the leading edge of developing and implementing the standard. MÄK’s tools and services have helped hundreds of organizations around the world comply with multiple standards including HLA, DIS, and DDS.

"We’re thrilled that Thales has decided to enter into this contract with the MÄK RTI for years to come. Large-scale simulation federations need a powerful solution they can count on for their exercises," said Dan Schimmel, CEO of MÄK. "As a longtime market leader and innovator, VT MÄK is committed to working closely with our customers and improving the usability and performance of this product."


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