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Morgan McElroy

Experience Multi-Domain Simulation at I/ITSEC 2021 with MAK

We're excited to be back in person this year at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) – our biggest and most anticipated conference of the year! Our whole team is ready to showcase our evolution as a Training Solutions provider, as well as how our MAK ONE line of COTS Modeling & Simulation products ha...
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Steve Peart

2014 Asian Reseller Conference - Appreciating our partners and resellers!

Greetings from Singapore!

We just wrapped up the 2014 Asian Reseller Conference with our partner DISTi. It was a great event and I want to acknowledge all of our partners and resellers for helping make MÄK products so successful. Events like this one really reinforce that! We had resellers join us in Singapore from all over the world, including South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Egypt, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia. We even had a special guest appearance from Russ Moulton of JRM Technologies, who presented the latest SensorFx developments.

With our recent addition of DI-Guy’s full product suite to the MÄK portfolio, there was a lot of interest in understanding all the products’ capabilities and markets. And now that WebLVC is making headway in the VisSim market, there was a great deal to  demonstrate in that area as well. (Want a demo? I can make that happen.)

Thanks to all of those who came and made this event a real success. A big shout out of appreciation goes to Jeff Bail for making his technical sessions interesting and compelling and Chris Giordarno, VP of Sales and Business Development at DISTi, for his endless organizing efforts. (And for having the ability to hobble around on one foot.)

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Christina Bouwens

Bringing Legion to Virtual SIW!

Connect with us to learn more about Legion!
It's hard to believe that it was 31 years ago, January 1990, when I attended my first "Workshop on the Interoperability of Defense Simulations." Next month the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) will be hosting its 2021 Simulation Innovation Workshop. I am excited to be attending again, this time representing MAK, and working...
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Morgan McElroy

I/ITSEC season is upon us — plan your adventure with MAK!

I/ITSEC season is upon us! It's that time of year when, usually, most of us in the Modeling and Simulation industry would be getting ready to head down to Orlando to network, meet with old friends, and explore the latest innovations at the largest modeling, simulation, and training event in the world.

This year is obviously very different since everything has gone virtual, but we're excited about vIITSEC and can't wait to connect with you - face-to-face - this I/ITSEC season! Whatever your goals for the week, the MAK team has you covered and we plan to be right by your side. Here's an easy flowchart to help you plan your week of vIITSEC...

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Morgan McElroy

Join MAK Live @ I/ITSEC!

I/ITSEC is that time of year when we all expect to come together, talk shop, do business, learn about trends in technology, and catch up as a community. Although we can’t come together in person this year, the whole MAK team is still looking forward to connecting face-to-face with you and celebrating the I/ITSEC season together. Just like in years past, you’ll have access to more than 30 MAK people - technical experts, business development specialists, and the MAK leadership team – who can’t wait to reconnect.

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Morgan McElroy

Changing the world by making virtual events better

We’re all entering into the 8th month of our new pandemic-reality. It’s tedious, it’s different, it’s changed how everyone does business — and who knows when the world will get back to normal. Dan Brockway, MAK’s VP of Marketing and my colleague, recently wrote a LinkedIn article about how, since the pandemic started, our shift to all-virtual everything has created a sense of “virtual event fatigue”. I get it, and I feel it, and... well, I agree with Dan that we can do better. But what does doing better *actually* look like? 

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Steve Peart

MAK Hosts the 5th Annual Modeling and Simulation Seminar in Daejeon

Recently MAK, along with our long term reseller KCEI, hosted the 5th annual Modeling and Simulation Seminar in Daejeon, South Korea.

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Ivan Diaz

MAK at CAMAN 2018 in Colombia

Hola a todos

Last week, VT MAK was exhibiting at the Feria CAMAN 2018 event in Madrid, Cundinamarca, Colombia. The event allowed us to share with different visitors from the Colombian Air Force.

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Steve Peart

MAK Around the World with Steve Peart!

Steve made three recent stops as he travels the world, spreading MAK software everywhere he goes. See if you can keep up!

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Steve Peart

Modeling and Simulation seminar in Bogota, Colombia


Last week MAK held a Modeling and Simulation seminar in Bogota, Colombia.

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Steve Peart

Steve Peart from the Singapore Airshow!

Last week, MAK attended and exhibited at the Singapore Airshow 2018 - Asia's largest airshow!  TME Systems, MAK's distributor for SouthEast Asia, exhibited the latest version of VR-Forces 4.6 and associated MAK modeling and simulation products at their booth.
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Ivan Diaz

VT MAK at the Expodefensa 2017 event in Bogota

Hola a todos

Last week, Steve and I represented VT MAK at the Expodefensa 2017 event in Bogota. The event allowed us to share with different visitors from the Army, Navy and Air Force from the Colombian Military Forces and other countries.

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Ivan Diaz

Workshop Cyber-co 2017 at the Rosario University

VT MAK was recently in Bogotá to support a workshop at the Cyber-co 2017 event held by Rosario University. 
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Dan Brockway

Attending SIW, Fall 2011: Take 2

I recently attended the Fall 2011 Simulation Interoperability Workshop in Orlando (with Aaron Dubois -- check out his account of SIW here), which I have been attending since 1990 or so. One of the focus areas for this meeting was the NASA Smackdown, which is a lunar lander and rover simulation event that took place at the Spring 2011 SIW and will again be shown at the Spring 2012 SIW. It is organized by NASA with participation from a dozen colleges and universities around the world. A few more universities plan to attend next year, including Arizona State University. We are providing the RTI and technical support for this event again next year. It is really a great way for future engineers and scientists get familiar with distributed simulation and MÄK is pleased to continue to support it. I also spent some time in the MSDL and CBML product development group meetings. Phase II of MSDL is getting started and the CBML group is just finishing up their Trial Use period for Phase I. We are keeping our eye on these developing standards and may support them in future product versions. If you are at all interested in using these standards in MÄK products, please let us know.

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Dan Brockway

Student and Instructor Training Environment: Training System Demonstrator

Our goal is always to make it easier for our customers to create and use simulations. At both I/ITSEC 2013 and 2014, we showcased the MÄK Training System Demonstrator to show how to reduce operator workload and increase development productivity.

In the short demo below, Dan walks you through how the TSD uses the advantages of MÄK’s entire product line to create both a student and instructor maritime training environment. Watch as air, land, and sea entities start off behaving according to their plans; through our training interfaces, CGF, and web-apps, users can manipulate the simulation to achieve training in their techniques, tactics, and procedures.

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Dan Brockway

I/ITSEC 2014 Highlights from the MÄK Booth


We know that budgets are tight and that many of you weren’t able to make it to I/ITSEC 2014 in December. Well, good news: MÄK is on your side. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be posting videos of our most popular demos at I/ITSEC to give you a taste of what you missed. If you see something that grips your curiosity, imagination, or interest, get in touch - we would love to pack up our demos and bring them to you in your facilities. Catch a sneak peek below of the videos to come!


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Len Granowetter

Fall SIW Preview

I’m heading out today to the Fall SIW Conference in Orlando - the semi-annual Simulation Interoperability Workshop hosted by SISO (  As usual, MAK is participating in many ways:

  • We will have a booth in the Exhibit Hall, Monday through Wednesday - showing off all of our products of course, but with a particular focus on the Interoperability products. 
  • I am proud to be chairing a new SISO Study Group on WebLVC. WebLVC is a new protocol we have proposed as a starting point for a eventual consensus-based SISO Standard.  It is designed to support interoperability between web-based client applications and traditional modeling and simulation federations.  The WebLVC Study Group meeting is Wednesday, September 12, at 1:30pm. 
  • We will be giving a presentation at the newly-resurrected RPR FOM Product Development Group on Wednesday morning - on the technical history of the RPR FOM. 
  • Aaron Dubois, our Product Development Manager for Link Products will be giving a product capabilities presentation as part of the LVC Tools Workshop session on Thursday afternoon, September 13, at 4:00pm. (continued...)
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Dan Brockway

Transportation Research Board’s Annual Conference

We’re here at the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) annual conference in Washington D.C. with transportation professionals from around the world; we’ve seen members of federal, state, and local governments, along with plenty of researchers from universities.

In this exposition of very robust and specific traffic simulations, MÄK’s web-based traffic simulation, TurboTraffic, is making quite a splash. The ability to quickly define traffic flows on the road network (provided in the cloud from OpenStreetMap), assign a volume of traffic, and then immediately see cars flowing into intersections is causing people to think of new applications. This "quick sketch" style lets non-experts create traffic where they previously would have hired a traffic consultant or simply gone without.

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Rob Hamilton

Steve Peart on MilSim Asia 2017

Hello (Apa Kabar)!

This past week, VT MAK exhibited at MilSim Asia 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

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Dan Brockway

MÄK at the Singapore Air Show - Take 2

You have to hand it to Singapore. They sure do know how to put on an Air Show. There’s nothing like holding a pleasant conversation with customers or colleagues only to be interrupted by the roar of an F15 jet passing right in front of the door then ascending like a rocket straight into the clouds. Very impressive. 

MÄK is presenting in two locations at the Singapore Airshow. Our COTS products are on display at the TME Systems booth and our Battle Lab (a.k.a. ISR Lab) is in the Ideas section of the ST Engineering booth. 

The Battle Lab is getting a lot of attention. Some are attracted by the analysis graphics shown in the AGI SimMetrics display and others by the Simulated Video streaming from the UAV’s sensor IG through the comms model to the Ground Control Station. 

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Aaron Dubois

Attending SIW, Fall 2011

Last week a couple of other MÄKers and I once again made the trip down to Orlando to attend the biannual Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW). I’m sure many of you are familiar with the workshop, but for those of you who don’t know it, SIW is where people in the simulation industry from around the world meet to discuss the work they’ve been doing in simulation interoperability and develop the standards that the industry uses. This is where standards such as HLA and DIS are developed.

The workshop consisted of the usual presentations and development group meetings. To me, one of the most interesting was the RPR FOM revival meeting. There is a new push right now to restart the RPR FOM Product Development Group (PDG) and finalize the RPR FOM 2 standard. There are currently several draft versions of the standard, but nothing official. As a result, different simulations will end up using slightly different versions of RPR 2. At MÄK, we’ve added support in our products for a few of the more popular RPR 2 drafts, but we are definitely interested in seeing the standard finalized. We’re excited to be part of the RPR FOM 2 standardization effort, and we hope that RPR will continue beyond that as well. After all, the new version of DIS is nearing completion, so the RPR FOM will need to keep up.

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Steve Peart

Attending the SIGE: Fall 2011

The Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA) annually organizes the Defense Operational Applications Symposium (SIGE). This year the event was scheduled between September 27th to 30th. The SIGE, in the 13th edition, is an international event which the main goal is to create a suitable environment for experiences exchange between military and civilian academic, industrial and commercial institutions interested in defense research and development.

This is a conference where papers are delivered and companies such as Latin Media and VT MÄK are able to attend and exhibit today’s latest COTS technology.

ITA is basically a military school/college where a lot of students come to study aeronautical engineering.  There are a number of divisions within ITA, all offering their expertise and specialty.  There is one group within ITA who has a suite of VT MÄK products that we (I) provided them.  It is a collaborative effort with GMU (See attached) where they are developing a C2 application at GMU in Virginia and then this information and expertise is transferred to Brazil.

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Steve Peart

Attending DEF SIM 2011

Recently, on the 20th of October myself and Ben Lubetsky, VP of Sales and Business Development, attended and presented at DEF SIM 2011, which was successfully hosted by EDS Technologies in Delhi, India.  DEF SIM 2011 was a conference where VT MÄK along with industry leaders such as BARCO were able to present to a very large crowd of delegates, applications suited for Military Modeling and Simulation Solutions. 

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Dan Brockway

MÄK goes to I/ITSEC!

Well, folks, it’s here again. That long awaited and long prepared for season that comes only once a year: I/ITSEC season. MÄK is busy building and preparing our booth for the show, which starts this Monday at 2:00 pm sharp.

If you’re planning to attend the tradeshow, we invite you to stop by our booth (#2549) and introduce yourself! We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you may have about our product capabilities or customer-oriented solutions. If you can’t make it to the show, we hope you’ll follow our blog. We plan on posting several entries a day about the happenings at I/ITSEC, all written by our attending MÄK staff.

Whether you’re here in Orlando or joining us virtually on the blog, we look forward to sharing our I/ITSEC experience with you!

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Dan Brockway

All things MÄK at I/ITSEC

It’s great to be back at I/ITSEC for another year"”seeing those familiar faces, a few that I haven’t seen in over 10 years, is a wonderful thing that makes being here a fun and special time.

As far as what’s happening on the show floor, I’ve seen some really innovative visual technologies around. Something that I’m sure fellow MÄK bloggers have commented on is how well our streaming terrain is being received. It seems like every time I turn around there’s a new crowd asking for a terrain demo.  I haven’t seen anything yet that is comparable to our streaming terrain"¦perhaps this explains our popularity.

Last night was a fun night for MÄK as well: instead of putting on the ChowdahFest as we do every year, MÄK decided to put on a series of events - the MÄK Fest. Last night’s event included lots of fun at “Howl at the Moon”, a renowned dueling piano bar in Orlando. It was fun to see all of our MÄK staff, customers, and I/ITSEC friends hanging out, wearing cowboy hats (the funny hat trend continues), and having a great time.  I’m looking forward to seeing fireworks tonight at Epcot and doing some karaoke tomorrow night at Orlando CityWalk! Fun times ahead.

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Ben Lubetsky

MÄK: Seeing Fireworks at I/ITSEC

After another busy day on the show floor yesterday, MÄK let loose for the second night of our first ever“MÄK Fest.” We sent two busloads of MÄK staff, customers, partners, and I/ITSEC friends to Disney’s Epcot to enjoy a lakeside fireworks show, complete with dinner, drinks, hot chocolate, and the classically beautiful Disney Christmas décor.

While we enjoyed ourselves, I had the chance to speak with many different groups of customers. While the most common topic was the state of the economy, it was encouraging to hear how creative everyone is becoming to meet end-user requirements on reduced budgets. I was gratified to hear how MÄK is playing a role in meeting these challenges with our COTS products and solutions.

The evening was a complete success and I’m looking forward to tonight’s party at "Rising Star "“ Universal CityWalk." It will include a bit of classy karaoke, including a live band and back-up singers. If you’re at I/ITSEC now, stop by our booth (#2549) to pick up your tickets!

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Steve Peart

A Message from the Singapore Air Show

It is great to see so many existing and potential customers at the Singapore Air Show this week.  Tomorrow (Friday) will be the last commercial day with this weekend open to the public.  MÄK is currently exhibiting in two locations this week.

All of our products and tools are currently being demonstrated in TME’s booth B-11:“ MÄK’s reseller for Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.  Customers are receiving live demonstrations of the latest release of VR-TheWorld Server v2.0 streaming terrain, imagery, and now cultural features.  We are also showing VR-Vantage v1.4, as well as the rest of the MÄK suite of products such as VR-Forces and VR-Link.

We invite you to stop by Friday if you haven’t already seen the latest state of the art technology in modeling and simulation!

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Bob Holcomb

Simulated Video at AUSA

Ft. Lauderdale in February, AUSA is a great show to attend. This week we are showing how our simulated video technology can be used for stimulating SRI’s real-time video exploitation solution, TerraSight. We’re simulating a UAV flying over the convention center and vehicle traffic in the area.  Using VR-Vantage, we create the sensor view from the UAV and stream that video to TerraSight using MISB standard protocols.  By replicating the exact same data feed that a UAV would produce, integration was seamless. While I was explaining how this system could be used for training, mission rehearsal, or experimentation to a customer, they kept looking in the sky for the UAV. It wasn’t until I unattached the eye point from the UAV and flew around a bit that they were convinced it was a simulation.

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Pete Swan

A good run at AUSA

AUSA is winding down. It was a great success and many visitors saw the value of an embedded training solution for SRI’s TerraSight system based on our simulated video capability and rapid scenario generation.  Bob was a trooper, braving the 80 degree heat, and demonstrating our software in the back of SRI’s Hummer out in the car park. I had the luxury if manning the MÄK pod on the VT Systems booth in the air conditioned exhibit hall. There we showed our Broward County Convention Center scenario created from scratch in just a couple of days.

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Pete Swan

ATC Global 2012 in Amsterdam

This week I am exhibiting at ATC Global 2012 in Amsterdam. There are 5000 attendees and 200 exhibitors here focused on Air Traffic Management - more specifically, the next generation Air Traffic Management systems being built in the US and Europe. 

So far, theres been lots of interest in our visualization and simulation interoperability solutions. I’ve seen several booths use Google Maps as an interim visualization tool because they didn’t realize that there is a more flexible option - VR-TheWorld and VR-Vantage. 

High Level Architecture (HLA) is becoming the recognized standard for ATM simulations and I have had several enquiries as to how MÄK can help with simulation interoperability. Customers are relieved when they learn that there are MÄK products, such as VR-Link, that do all of the hard coding work for them.

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Steve Peart

MÄK/DiSTI Asian Resellers Conference

Earlier this month, VT MÄK, alongside our corporate partner DiSTI Simulation, held the regional Asian Resellers Conference in a Songdo, Korea - a small town nestled in the hills located just outside of Icheon.  The event was well attended by distributors who came as far as Australia, India, Singapore, and Taiwan to our local distributor in Korea.  We welcomed over a dozen resellers and 30 attendees, each representing their respective regional companies and territories. 

During the two-day event, the attendees were exposed to the latest product technologies of VR-TheWorld and the entire suite of Simulation, Visualization, and Interoperability products, as well as DiSTI’s HMI tools such as GL-Studio, Replica8, and corporate roadmaps. The event was a great success and we hope to see everyone at the next resellers meeting scheduled to be held in Singapore.

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Steve Peart

Attending the AFCEA-GMU C4I Center Conference

Last week, alongside my colleague Gary Schrader, I attended and exhibited at the AFCEA-GMU (the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association - George Mason University) C4I Center Conference in Fairfax Virginia. The conference consisted of various speakers with expert backgrounds presenting topics consisting of C2 Integration Operations, Research Testbeds, Cyber networks, and C4I cloud computing, to name a few of the topics and papers. 

Dr. Michael Hieb, Research Professor of George Mason University, presented the C4I simulation based environment for Concept Development and Assessment developed on VR-Forces.  His research group also exhibited and demonstrated with their Brazilian partners ITA (Institute Technology Aeronautics) their joint collaboration solution based on VR-Forces. 

We are very much looking forward to next year’s event and can’t wait to see further development and solutions derived from GMU and ITA!

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Dan Brockway

AUVSI 2012 - MÄK’s Simulated Video Solutions

This week, MÄK is in sunny Las Vegas for the AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2012 show. Sitting in the middle of one of the largest unmanned vehicle trade shows is a like sitting on the set of Wall-E, but with more robots. We’re showing our simulated video solutions and how we can support experimentation and training for these systems. We teamed up with DiSTI this week to develop a ground control station that interacts with the simulation, controls the UAV, and receives data streams from the simulated UAV over MISB standards compliant protocols just like a real UAV would. 

If you’re looking for a winning bet, come by the VT MÄK booth (#2911) and see how we can help you produce reliable training and experimentation platforms for your unmanned systems.

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Steve Peart

SIGE 2012

Last week, VT MÄK, along with our Brazilian regional representative OpenCadd, exhibited at SIGE XIV 2012. SIGE is an annual Symposium of Operational Applications in Areas of Defense and is an international event in its fourteenth edition.

This event was hosted at the Technological Institute of Aeronautics ITA facility in Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil. ITA is also the location and research center for the C4I lab where VR-Forces and complementary MÄK software are installed and used regularly.

This was the first year that VT MÄK and OpenCadd have exhibited together at SIGE. In addition to meeting existing customers/new attendees and demonstrating product features, such as VR-Forces v4.0.4 and our latest technology initiative, WebLVC,  MÄK also delivered formal presentations to the Brazilian Air Force titled "Building Model and Simulation Solutions" throughout the conference.

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Dan Brockway

AAD 2012 - Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012

Recently the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 Air show was held in the South African Waterkloof Air Force Base in Centurion City of Tshwane, South Africa. The Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), a MAK customer, exhibited and presented VR-Vantage and the Hawaiian database provided by VR-TheWorld Server as part of their helicopter simulator in the CSIR booth exhibits.

Steve Haselum, CSIR, Systems Engineering Manager, commented on the event: "Back in the office now but after a successful Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012. The helicopter simulator system was certainly a crowd puller...there was quite a lot of interest in both the visual and database."

The helicopter visual system was spanning across three 65 LCD Panels providing a 150 degree field of view display. General exhibitor and visitor responses were"¦"the visuals and Hawaiian database looked really good."

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Steve Peart

AAD 2012 - Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012

Recently the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 Air show was held in the South African Waterkloof Air Force Base in Centurion City of Tshwane, South Africa. The Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), a MAK customer, exhibited and presented VR-Vantage and the Hawaiian database provided by VR-TheWorld Server as part of their helicopter simulator in the CSIR booth exhibits.

Steve Haselum, CSIR, Systems Engineering Manager, commented on the event: "Back in the office now but after a successful Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012. The helicopter simulator system was certainly a crowd puller...there was quite a lot of interest in both the visual and database."

The helicopter visual system was spanning across three 65" LCD Panels providing a 150 degree field of view display. General exhibitor and visitor responses were"¦"the visuals and Hawaiian database looked really good."

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Steve Peart

Attending Land Warfare Conference 2012

G’day! Last week VT MÄK, along with our technology partner’s Simulation Solution Australia (SimSol) and local reseller JM Computing, attended and exhibited at the Land Warfare conference that was held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Land Warfare Conference (LWC) is a major event for users, providers, academics, designers, and manufacturers to meet, present, share, and exchange new and visionary ideas in Land Systems and operations.

The conference was well attended by the industries major systems integrators. However, there was a small presence of modeling and simulation solutions at the show. Only a handful of simulation companies were on hand, which allowed MÄK and SimSol to spend quality time with visitors showing our latest ISR Lab demonstration based on our core technology products such VR-Forces, VR-Vantage, and partner modules AGI SimMetrics, Disti GL-Studio, and JRM SensorFX.

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Steve Peart

Ola’ Tudo Bem!

Last week MÄK exhibited at the LAAD Defence & Security Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, along with our local reseller OpenCadd. The biennial event brings together Brazilian and international companies specialized in supplying equipment, services and technology to the Armed Forces, Police and Special Forces, Security Services, consultants, and government agencies.

This year seemed to be the largest show to date, taking up 3 large pavilions, each with a variety of local companies and system integrators, as well as a large South American and international participation. The event consisted of a variety of offerings from very large trucks and armored vehicles to marine simulation training devices.

At the exhibition, MÄK demonstrated the latest upcoming features of VR-Vantage version 1.6 Marine capabilities, which received a lot of attention, interest, and complimentary comments as well as showing the latest product releases of VR-Forces v4.1.1, VR-Exchange v2.2, and the Data Logger v5.2.1.

It is always good to see and visit with MÄK’s and OpenCadd’s existing Brazilian customers!  We were also happy to introduce our modeling and simulation portfolio of products and solution offerings to those interested in our suite of software tools.

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Steve Peart

The ESRI Colombian User Conference in Bogota

Hola! Que Tal?

Last week MÄK attended, exhibited, and presented at the Esri Colombian User Conference 2013 in Bogota, Colombia hosted by MÄK’s Colombian reseller "“ Procalculo Prosis.

This one week event was attended by over 500 users filled with ESRI presentations discussing the latest in ArcGIS as well as complimentary ESRI and partner products. Each day was structured specifically for a specific target audience including Oil and Gas, GIS, and Defense, which was held on Tuesday. MÄK delivered a presentation titled "Building Modeling and Simulation Solutions."

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Steve Peart

MÄK at Military Simulation & Training India 2013

The Military Simulation & Training India 2013 held at the DRDO facility in New Delhi, India on October 29th and 30th brought together top military officers as well as industry and academic subject matter experts to discuss the latest developments and requirements on training and simulation systems for India.

This event presented future requirements of military simulation to include the Army, Air Force, Navy, and defence R&D establishments.

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Dan Brockway

MÄK had a ball at I/ITSEC 2013

If you stopped by the MÄK booth at I/ITSEC 2013, it’s likely that you walked away with some bright red stress balls, one-of-a-kind red and white chocolate mints, and ideas about how MÄK can be your partner in all things simulation. This is because we’ve refreshed our branding to focus on our core technologies.

We had a great time at the show this year and a successful week of demonstrating our re-energized simulation behaviors, amped up visualization capabilities, interactive training system demo, and our low-overhead command staff trainer. And we were happy to showcase all of these incredible demos in our brand new booth. (continued...)

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Steve Peart

MÄK @ the Singapore Airshow 2014

Last week both VT MÄK and our in-country reseller TME Systems exhibited at the Singapore Airshow. TME presented the full suite of MÄK products, while MAK showcased our Maritime (TSD) Training Simulation Demonstrator at the ST Engineering booth.

The MÄK Training System Demonstrator focuses on a maritime environment simulated by VR-Forces. In the demonstrator environment you see air, land, sea, and submarine entities behaving according to plans; through our training interfaces, CGF, and web-applications, users manipulate the simulation to achieve training in their techniques, tactics, and procedures. The demonstrator consists of four MÄK COTS products, including VR-Forces, VR-TheWorld Server, VR-Vantage, and the MÄK WebLVC Suite.

Key Features of the Training System Demonstrator:

  • Easy-to-use scenario authoring and powerful AI to generate rich and compelling simulated environments
  • Informative visual presentations to maintain situational awareness, analyze training activities, and see from the vantage point of the trainees
  • Light-weight role-player and instructor stations for cost-effective part-task training used and driven by light-weight tablets
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Steve Peart

FIDAE 2014

Hola de FIDAE 2014,

This past week VT MÄK attended and exhibited at FIDAE 2014, inside our Chilean reseller Altec Ltda’s booth.  Throughout the show MÄK was able to conduct live joint scenario exercise demonstrations between the Altec Ltda. booth and the Chilean Army - Centro de Modelacion y Simulacion. This live scenario was demonstrated on a coastal Chilean terrain "“ Antofagasta. Along this coast we implemented a Blue Force / Red Force scenario. The Red Forces were controlled from the Altec Ltda booth and CEMSE controlled the Blue Forces.  This live scenario demonstration was operated via WebLVC whereby the instructor controlled the various entities behavior and path navigation through a wireless tablet.

Additionally, MÄK presented the Training System Demonstrator (based on VR-Forces, VR-Vantage and WebLVC) in Hawaii which received a lot of interest "“ especially how naval, air and dynamic entities were managed via WebLVC.  All of this exciting technology was complimented with a variety of DI-Guy Scenario demonstrations.  Many Chilean MOD divisions were able to see the full suite of VT MÄK product offerings.  Altec Ltda also showcased complimentary demonstrations of the DISTI F-15 Virtual Maintenance trainer.

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Dan Brockway

I/ITSEC 2014 5K Rockstars: Team VT MÄK

Instead of highlighting just one outstanding member of MÄK, we wanted to point out several MÄKers who have proven to be true MÄK stars.

From right to left, our stars include Pete Swan, Bob Holcomb, Jean Giglio, Deb Fullford, Danny Williams, Alessandro Raiteri, and Iván Andrés Díaz López.

These seven MÄKers participated on Team VT MÄK to run the I/ITSEC 5K "Run/Walk/Roll," which started bright and early at 6:45 am on the longest day of I/ITSEC! With the help of our entire company, Team MÄK raised the most money for the Operation Give Back charity and the I/ITSEC STEM Initiative!

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Steve Peart

MÄK at LAAD 2015

LAAD 2015 is one of this year’s largest aerospace, defense, and security events in Brazil, if not in Latin America as a whole. VT MÄK had the opportunity to showcase its technologies as part of the ST Electronics stand showcasing a variety of simulation solutions, as well as having our own stand where we demonstrated our latest released products.

MÄK is well established in Brazil with many customers implementing our modeling and simulation tools in a variety applications, ranging from the Embraer Super Tucano simulator, ITA’s C4i research, to AEL interoperability implementation.  

At LAAD 2015 visitors experienced the best-in-class simulation tools of VR-Forces 4.3 and our visual solution VR-Vantage 2.0, plus other technological solutions such as WebLVC.

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Rob Hamilton

MÄK Engineer Aaron Dubois forced to purchase new trophy case after Fall SIW

Aaron Dubois, one of MÄK’s Principal Software Engineers, stockpiled three awards yesterday at the 2015 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop in Orlando.

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