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Kevin Calkins

Tech Tip: Manage the flow of training exercises with scenario events

Scenario events in VR-Forces are an easy way for instructors to manage the flow of training exercises by stimulating both the participants of a VR-Forces simulation and the simulation itself. Imagine that a commander of a security force is being trained on what to look out for while monitoring the safety of a public area — specifically activity tha...
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Aaron Dubois

Tech Tip: Using Entity Control Panels in VR-Forces

VR-Forces has always allowed you to give detailed instructions to entities by issuing tasks, creating plans, or writing custom Lua scripts. These are great tools for defining how you want an entity to behave and then letting it run. But when you need to give simple, immediate commands to an entity to initiate a change in behavior the Entity Control...
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Paul Mata

Tech Tip: Making your life easier with a new MAK Customer Support Portal

We know that you value the 1:1 support you get directly from our engineers — it's part of what makes us MAK! We're excited to introduce an easier way for you to connect with MAK engineers for any of your support needs through our new Customer Support Portal. Through this new portal interface — which will be accessible straight from our website star...
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Morgan McElroy

Tech Tip: How to use Zoom Breakout Rooms

Usually, our tech tips are all about getting the most out of MAK products. For this tip, however, we’re focusing on Zoom meetings and Breakout Rooms so you can get the most out of our MAK Live Experiences during I/ITSEC.

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Petr Kyn

Tech Tip: Adding Fences to Your Terrain

VR-Forces and VR-Vantage customers often want to add additional features to the terrains provided by MAK or want to understand how to add features to the terrains that they have developed. One type of feature that is often requested is fencing, for example around an aerodrome. 

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Matt Figueroa

Tech tip: Recording VR-Vantage video streams with MAK Data Logger

Recording streaming video from VR-Vantage with the MAK Data Logger is quick and easy.  Here are some tips for getting the best video quality out of your recordings. 

  1. Resize the VR-Vantage Window

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Stephen Landry

Tech tip: How to connect with MAK ONE EASY

Cloud architecture is becoming an increasingly viable and effective strategy for the Modeling and Simulation world. To help our customers get connected we’ve introduced our own on-premises cloud in Cambridge, called MAK ONE EASY. (To get a closer look at our cloud approach, check out the article from our September newsletter, “Head in the Clouds: Learnings from Deploying MAK ONE in the Cloud” by Dan Brockway.)

MAK ONE EASY can be used by up to nine customers at any time to access and evaluate MAK ONE products. It’s a simple process to set up, and you’ll have on-demand remote access to simulation tools from the comfort of your own home. 

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Beth Thoenen

Tech Tip: Searching the MAK Doc Set

If you read MAK documentation in PDF form, you probably know it's easy to search within a manual -- just type Ctrl-F in most PDF readers and enter a search term. But what if you're not sure which book you need to look at? Here's a way to search across multiple PDFs. We'll use Adobe Acrobat Reader here, but other PDF readers have similar capabilities.
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