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Matt Figueroa

The Scalability Challenge and Simulation Scalability Study Group

Later this month, the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) is hosting its 2021 Virtual SIMposium. I am excited to announce that MAK's SimBrief abstract, titled "The Scalability Challenge and Simulation Scalability Study Group '' was recently accepted and, alongside Len Granowetter and Bob Holcomb, I will present it at the SIMpo...
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Matt Figueroa

MAK Legion Summer Update: Legion 1.1 and the SISO Study Group

A few months ago, Len Granowetter outlined our MAK Legion technology, which enables large-scale simulations that support thousands or even millions of high fidelity entities. I'm providing an update on where MAK Legion is today and a look at where we're taking it. Legion 1.1 We released MAK Legion 1.1 in June, which added several important features...
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Len Granowetter

Scaling up with MAK Legion: An update on Legion progress

Last month, MAK Technologies released MAK Legion 1.0 — the first commercial version of our new Scalability and Interoperability Framework. I wanted to update everyone on some of the ways we're already using MAK Legion to achieve distributed simulations at unprecedented scale. Many of our early Legion demos, as part of the US Army STE CSE program, w...
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Christina Bouwens

Bringing Legion to Virtual SIW!

Connect with us to learn more about Legion!
It's hard to believe that it was 31 years ago, January 1990, when I attended my first "Workshop on the Interoperability of Defense Simulations." Next month the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) will be hosting its 2021 Simulation Innovation Workshop. I am excited to be attending again, this time representing MAK, and working...
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Dan Brockway

MAK Legion — The Scalability Framework for STE

One significant accomplishment stemming from MAK's US Army STE CSE OTA efforts is the MAK Legion Scalability and Interoperability Framework, which was selected to enable scaling to millions of entities in a distributed simulation. (STE CSE OTA stands for Synthetic Training Environment, Common Synthetic Environment, Other Transactional Authority.) T...
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Aaron Dubois

Coming Soon to a Federation Near You: RPR FOM 2.0

SISO’s annual Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW) will soon be here and as always, a number of us MÄKers will be in attendance.  There is a lot going on this year but one of the most notable "” at least in my (admittedly biased) opinion "” is the meeting of the RPR FOM PDG. Earlier this year RPR FOM 2.0 was successfully balloted, though with a number of comments. A small group of us has been working to resolve those comments and at SIW we’ll be holding a full PDG meeting to vote on final decisions (feel free to join us). That means we may soon have an official RPR FOM 2.0 standard!

Some of you are probably thinking, "What’s the big deal? I’ve been using RPR 2 for years." It’s true, many of us have been. Despite never being officially standardized, draft 17 of the FOM has become a de facto standard, used throughout the world in many important federations. But draft 17 had a number of issues which the RPR drafting group has been trying to address over the last couple of years. Perhaps the most glaring problem was the lack of support for HLA 1516-2000 or 1516-2010 (HLA Evolved). While a number of versions have been produced by different groups over the years, there was no one official version. On top of that we have fixed bugs, inconsistencies, poor datatype naming, and confusing descriptions and documentation. We now even have a modularized version for HLA Evolved. I am happy to say that I believe this is the best version of the RPR FOM yet. I encourage you all to check out draft 20 of both the FOM and the accompanying GRIM (Guidance, Rationale, and Interoperability Modalities) document.

If you are going to be at SIW and would like a higher level overview of RPR FOM history, what we’ve been up to lately, and where we think the FOM is headed in the future, I also encourage you to attend the presentation of a paper I co-authored with Björn Möller of Pitch Technologies, Patrice Le Leydour of Thales, and René Verhage of CAE titled "RPR FOM 2.0: A Federation Object Model for Defense Simulations."

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Jim Kogler

HLA Evolved is Coming!

Good news! HLA Evolved has just cleared a major milestone with the IEEE SAB and REVCOM approving the changes to the HLA Standard. IEEE will now will complete an editorial review and then publish the new IEEE 1516-2010 family of standards. This pretty much means the standards are finalized and will appear on the IEEE website soon.

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