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Felix Rodriguez

What is this Logger Tape?

Interoperability is hard. It is hard because there are a myriad of open standards out there, as well as multiple protocols, operating systems, and, of course, requirements. At VT MÄK, we understand this. To help, we have always tried to support the widest variety of configurations that we can. All of our products support four different DIS versions, three different HLA versions, and a plethora of FOMS, operating systems, and compilers. VR-Exchange expands this even further with DDS, TENA, and many other protocols.

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Aaron Dubois

Logger 5.0, HLA Evolved, and FOM Modules

With the recent release of version 5.0, the Logger became the third of our products to support HLA Evolved, joining the RTI and VR-Link. The HLA Evolved Logger supports all the functionality we already provide in 1.3 and 1516, but it also makes use of one of the key new features of HLA Evolved: FOM modules.
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Douglas Wood

Logger 5.1 Release Features

Logger 5.1 now features an improved remote control interface (RCI), making it easier than ever for you to control the Logger remotely from your applications, such as After Action Review (AAR) systems and Instructor Operator Stations (IOS). The Logger RCI has migrated from a PDU centric toolkit to an API that mirrors the internal Logger architecture. The interface is designed to support multiple Loggers as if they were a single Logger, which allows for distributing the load among several processors or machines.

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