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Pete Swan

First Day of AUSA is a Hit for MÄK Customers!

The first day of AUSA has been great for MÄK customers! 

MÄK's setup inside the VT Miltope Booth (#813) has generated a great amount of interest in MÄK's virtual reality-based Light Armored Vehicle crew trainer demo. Constructed through VR-Forces, DI-Guy and VR-Vantage, it includes an Oculus Rift Commander view, gunner, and driver.

VR-Vantage really shows off the capability of using a VR helmet as a serious training tool and cost-effective simulation immersion device!

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Pete Swan

ATC Global 2012 in Amsterdam

This week I am exhibiting at ATC Global 2012 in Amsterdam. There are 5000 attendees and 200 exhibitors here focused on Air Traffic Management - more specifically, the next generation Air Traffic Management systems being built in the US and Europe. 

So far, theres been lots of interest in our visualization and simulation interoperability solutions. I’ve seen several booths use Google Maps as an interim visualization tool because they didn’t realize that there is a more flexible option - VR-TheWorld and VR-Vantage. 

High Level Architecture (HLA) is becoming the recognized standard for ATM simulations and I have had several enquiries as to how MÄK can help with simulation interoperability. Customers are relieved when they learn that there are MÄK products, such as VR-Link, that do all of the hard coding work for them.

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Pete Swan

A good run at AUSA

AUSA is winding down. It was a great success and many visitors saw the value of an embedded training solution for SRI’s TerraSight system based on our simulated video capability and rapid scenario generation.  Bob was a trooper, braving the 80 degree heat, and demonstrating our software in the back of SRI’s Hummer out in the car park. I had the luxury if manning the MÄK pod on the VT Systems booth in the air conditioned exhibit hall. There we showed our Broward County Convention Center scenario created from scratch in just a couple of days.

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Pete Swan

The National Training Systems Association Executive Committee

As the newly accepted Secretary for the National Training Systems Association (NTSA) Executive Committee, I wanted to let people know what great work the committee does in the training and simulation community. The following three examples demonstrate how the NTSA Executive Committee provides leadership, volunteers, and support:

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