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Matt Figueroa

Tech tip: Recording VR-Vantage video streams with MAK Data Logger

Recording streaming video from VR-Vantage with the MAK Data Logger is quick and easy.  Here are some tips for getting the best video quality out of your recordings. 

  1. Resize the VR-Vantage Window

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Matt Figueroa

VR-Link Adds New Feature to Prevent Mismatched RTI Versions

When working in an environment with multiple compiler versions of our MÄK RTI installed, it can sometimes be tricky to remember which RTI you have your environment variable pointing to. With the release of VR-Link 4.0.7, we introduced a new "DtVlRtiMismatchException." An exception in C++ is a way to handle certain outlying situations, like runtime errors, which can lead to program crashes. This new DtVlRtiMismatchException is an exception that VR-Link throws if it finds that the RTI is an incompatible compiler version. When the exception is thrown, a catch is needed to handle it. A catch statement is some C++ code that triggers when a certain exception is caught. This DtVlRtiMismatch-Exception is thrown when making an exercise connection, so adding a catch after creating a connection is a great way to avoid, what are often, vague issues caused by a mismatched RTI compiler version. (continued...)

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