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Over the last couple weeks I’ve been in Bogotá, Colombia and Sáo José dos Campos, Brazil doing simulation seminars for our customers. I’ve included a picture of the group we had in Bogotá. Thanks very much to Procalculo for hosting the event at their office and for getting such a great group together. I started off with an overview of all our products and the latest versions of the demos we showed at I/ITSEC including the Training System Demonstrator and the Oculus Rift virtual reality demo in VR-Vantage. In both seminars we spent most of our time on VR-Forces. In Colombia we spent the last hours connecting all the computers together and doing a large joint forces war game. In Brazil we took some time to use the terrain agility features of VR-Forces to load in some local Brazilian terrain data. Not surprisingly, I didn’t magically win a ticket to the World Cup so I watched game one from the airport terminal at GRU which echoed with the sound of vuvuzelas and then headed home. It was a great trip and I’m looking forward to returning to South America again soon!

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We are proud of our customer support. We believe that if our customers aren’t happy, then we won’t succeed. To that end, we do support a bit differently than most companies. In this blog, I plan to take a little bit of time and explain how our support works. I will also offer a few pointers on how to get the most from it.

The primary way we try to make our technical support great is by not having a technical support team. Our engineers "“ every one of them "“ are responsible for our customer support. Specifically, this means each of our product team engineers often dedicates a significant portion of their day to helping customers directly. 

This is an unusual position for a company of our size to take; the more typical approach is to have a first line support team who answers the majority of questions and then allow for escalations to the engineering team. Even then, there is probably a single, usually junior, member of the engineering team that deals with most of the escalated questions. This typical approach is taken because the majority of customer support questions are perceived (incorrectly) to be a waste of time for more talented engineers who are busy on "important" features. MÄK completely disagrees.

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At I/ITSEC 2013, we showed a demo of an integration between VR-Vantage and the Oculus Rift, a head mounted virtual reality display being developed by OculusVR (

The Rift has low latency, 360 degree head tracking and the inputs from its sensors are fed into VR-Vantage, which changes the orientation of the observer as the person wearing the Rift moves their head. It uses lenses to create an immersive 110 degree field of view. The hard work of correcting for the distortion created by the lenses is all done in shaders on the GPU. Two separate channels are drawn onto its single panel display to allow for a stereoscopic view. The Oculus SDK allows VR-Vantage to access all the parameters required to calculate the distortion correction and the projection matrices required for each eye. At the show, I’d put people in the cockpit of an F-35 and it looked and felt real enough that some people were reaching for the eject handle!

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VT MÄK presented its ISR Lab demonstration at the 2012 Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio (FIDAE air show) in Santiago, Chile. We actually brought two ISR Lab set ups - one for the Latinmedia booth (our reseller in South America) and the other for the Centro de Modelacion y Simulacion (CEMSE) of the Chilean Army. The demonstration was customized to run a new scenario which takes place on a terrain database based on Antofagasta, Chile.

In the Latinmedia booth, the ISR Lab was being shown on a gigantic screen provided by Screen Innovations. The individual channels were arranged using a MediaWall from RGB Spectrum and then projected by two projectors from projection design.


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