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With the release of VR-Vantage 1.4.1 comes the ability to visualize streaming features from Open Streaming Terrain Servers like VR-TheWorld. Check out the hundreds of thousands of buildings and millions of trees being served up on our Hawaii database. The island of Oahu has been chosen to demonstrate this capability and all you need to visualize it is a VR-Vantage application and an internet connection. 

Use any VR-Vantage application like VR-Vantage Stealth or VR-Vantage FreeView. Connect to our online VR-TheWorld Server (when the app starts a terrain chooser dialog appears with“VR-TheWorld Online - MÄK” already selected. Just click OK). Load a "saved view" to bring you directly to Hawaii (Observer Saved Viewe Panel -> Import and Replace Views -> Choose "hawaii-boston.osrx". Click on "Hawaii").

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I talk to a lot of customers and I keep hearing the same thing when it comes to the VR-Vantage Developer’s Toolkit... needs more documentation! Sure, people are always asking for stuff (and please continue to do so!) but even if we have an awesome API, it’s no good if people can’t figure out how to use it.

Along with providing new capabilities like Simulated Video and Effects Based Sensors, we plan to do a lot of work on our class documentation and examples during the 1.5 development effort. We also will be adding a bunch of tutorials that will walk developers through a series of examples that demonstrate the various layers of the VR-Vantage architecture or go in depth into a specific area.

But I didn’t think there was any reason to hold that stuff back if we had some of it done already so when we ship the VR-Vantage 1.4.1 maintenance release in a few weeks it will have the beginnings of this documentation work. Check out the classDoc and tutorials sections and let us know what you think!

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VR-Vantage 1.4 is here - bringing with it support for a new compiler MSVC++ 10 64 bit! This meant upgrading OpenSceneGraph (to version 3.0.1) and many other dependencies (Silverlining and DI-Guy for starters). Additionally a few smaller capabilities were added:

We now support HLA Evolved, allowing VR-Vantage applications to play in exercises with modular FOMs. We also added more examples and better documentation for the developer’s toolkit (a trend you will see continue over the next several releases). There are also a few customer requests in here too: an object count panel, a space attach mode for attaching to satellites, an option for linear model scaling, and a way to use images for 2D symbols instead of fonts.

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It’s only day one of I/ITSEC and I can’t believe how popular VR-TheWorld and our streaming terrain capability has become!

Last year we introduced the VR-theWorld Server and it made a small ripple. Today, however, we have been demonstrating our Hawaii database featuring streaming terrain, streaming elevation, and streaming features with 150,000 buildings, a cut-in and high detailed airport site, over 9000 trees, and a small town using point feature replacement--so far, it is a huge success.  

Our Hawaii database demonstrates multiple terrain approaches being ultilized together at the same time--we’re thrilled that those who experienced it today are as excited about it as we are!

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This week I’m attending SEECAT in Tokyo, Japan. SEECAT (Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism) is part of the RISKCON (Risk Conference) and is it’s own closed off little world. While the rest of the show floor is packed with disaster survival equipment (everything from portable bathrooms and cardboard room dividers to amphibious earth moving vehicles) the SEECAT section is filled with mostly facility surveillance equipment. Dozens of camera and facility security companies are here as well as a few UGV (unmanned ground vehicle), UAV (unmanned air vehicle) and UUV/ USV (unmanned underwater vehicle/unmanned surface vehicle) resellers.
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We are adding a new compiler to our list of supported compilers. VR-Vantage 1.4 will introduce support for Microsoft’s latest compiler: MSVC++ 10.0 64bit.

We will also be upgrading many of our 3rd party dependencies to provide our customers with the latest improvements. We will move to OSG 3.0.1, Qt 4.7, DI-Guy 11 just to name a few specifics. We will also be upgrading to a newer version of GL Studio and VR-Link.

This release is intended just to support a new compiler and will not have any new features in it. The benefit is that it will be a very quick turnaround time and we expect this to be out the door sometime around the middle of September.

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We just released VR-Vantage 1.3.1 with support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. It also comes with some great new capabilities like zoom and terrain scaling.

With zoom, you can magnify the view and see things that are far away without changing the observers location. This is useful for UAV sensor applications, ground based binocular views or even periscopes!

Terrain Scaling is a VR-Vantage XR capability that allows you to exaggerate the height of the terrain in order to get a different perspective of the situation. Don’t know which path is an easier climb or drive? Or maybe you want a clearer picture of the relationship between aircraft and the terrain? Exaggerate the slope with terrain scaling and you’ll find out easily!

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VT MÄK is pleased to announce the release of VR-Vantage 1.3, which includes the new VR-Vantage PVD and our terrain and model viewer, VR-Vantage FreeView.

The new VR-Vantage PVD, which is based on the VR-Vantage architecture, provides a 2D interactive tactical map display of a virtual environment.

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Greetings, I’d like to let everyone know that VR-Vantage 1.3 has been in testing for the last month or so. New versions of VR-Vantage IG, our desktop image generator, VR-Vantage Stealth, our battlefield visualization tool, and VR-Vantage XR, our exaggerated reality common operating picture tool will be ready at the end of April.

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It has been some time since the MAK PVD has been updated but I’m pleased to announce that the next generation Plan View Display will be available soon. Introducing VR-Vantage PVD! This real-time interactive tactical map application will increase your situational awareness of the virtual battlefield.

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At IITSEC 2010 in Orlando, RUAG showed their prototype next generation training platform: Virtual Arena II. The specific  instance below is used to train the driver and gunner of the VBCI, a French wheeled infantry fighting vehicle. VR-Vantage was used as the visual system for 11 channels in the system and VR-Forces was used as the threat generator!

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The latest snapshot of VR-Vantage demonstrates visualization of aggregates. View aggregates as their bounding volumes (along with their MilStd symbol) or as individual units.

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The newest capability of VR-Vantage Stealth and VR-Vantage XR is the visualization of electromagnetic sensor volumes. We now can visually represent electromagnetic emission fields such as those generated by mine detectors, radar, and other devices. The electromagnetic field appears as a translucent volume emanating from the entity.

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I recently made a new VR-Vantage XR Video.  It quickly demonstrates the various modes the XR observer can be put in and highlights the areas where each mode is most useful. Feel free to show this video around or even reproduce the demo live using VR-Vantage XR!

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We’ll be supporting a few new platforms/ compilers in the next release of the VR-Vantage product line.

New compilers are being created all the time. We try to trail“bleeding edge” by a version or two so that we limit our exposure to nasty compiler bugs in the newest releases. We’ll be adding support for MSVC 9 (32 and 64 bit) as well as adding 64 bit linux support (GCC 4.1).

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Recently, one of our customers asked us to demonstrate how they could use our VR-Forces and VR-Vantage products to help them sell their homeland security services. They wanted to see a scenario in a train station that showed some sort of emergency situation viewed from multiple cameras, as if you were in a command and control center.

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We are having a contest and giving away cash prizes (as well as a permanent VR-Vantage developers license) the most innovative demo’s people create using VR-Vantage. Have you built something cool using VR-Vantage? Or maybe even a great scenario using VR-Forces that looks great when viewed with VR-Vantage applications like VR-Vantage XR?

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The VR-Vantage team is in full swing now as we build the next version - VR-Vantage 1.3.

We’re planning lots of stuff in this release: visualization of aggregates, visualization of feature data, sensor volumes, inter-visibility lines, radio communication lines and much more. And all those features are being built for both 2D and 3D!

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We added something new to the MAK bonus page ( today - vrvAudio a free sound plug-in for VR-Vantage. This simple plug-in works with DIS or HLA connections and uses entity types to figure out what sound to play. It’s pretty much what the pre-VR-Vantage Stealth had.

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