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Deb Fullford

MAK Fires: Individual training in the context of a multi-domain operation

For more than 30 years, MAK has been providing commercial software products used by customers, just like you, to create simulated environments for concept development, research, design, and training. Recently, MAK expanded our staff to include experts in the design, development, and implementation of training solutions to train individual skills in...
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Deb Fullford

An Interesting VR-Link Use Case: Aerial Refueling

The other day I was talking to a customer about an interesting use case involving VR-Link. They are using VR-Link to network two simulations together for Aerial Refueling Exercises. While DIS and VR-Link have both been around for over 20 years, this was the first time that they were used for aerial refueling.  The aircraft involved are moving at high speeds and physically connect to each other during flight. It turns out, this is pretty tricky, which I’m sure most of you have already gathered. Using VR-Link, this customer modified how the messages were sent to make sure the simulation was fast enough to provide adequate training. If you are interested in seeing this in person, the Air National Guard will be highlighting this in their booth at I/ITSEC this year.

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