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DI-Guy 13.4

VT MAK Releases DI-Guy 13.4

VT MAK is pleased to announce the release of DI-Guy 13.4.

This is a significant feature release, containing many performance improvements, several new features, and lots of new content.

Core improvements include:

  • Add lots more entities into the scene with little impact on performance thanks to multiple improvements to the instancing system and the animation system.
  • Faster initial character creation since motions are now loaded on demand.
  • Improved visualization of people entering and exiting vehicles.
  • Improved crowd collision avoidance logic (for DI-Guy Scenario users.)


Content additions include:

  • Standing humans with head injuries.
  • Horse and rider motion improvements.
  • Many new hand-held items.
  • A high-fidelity new paratrooper model with a backpack and a deploying parachute.
  • Solders from: Canada, Germany, India, Israel, South Korea, North Korea, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Turkey.
Di Guy13 4 Countries


For a complete description of all changes and improvements please see the Release Notes:

This release of VR-Vantage uses a new data build. This data build is also compatible with VR-Forces 4.7.

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