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National Advanced Driving Simulator Chooses VT MAK’s Human Character Simulation

MAK’s DI-Guy technology will be used to make driving simulation more realistic with intelligent humans

Cambridge, Mass., December 1, 2014 - VT MAK (MAK), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS), located at the University of Iowa, has selected MAK’s DI-Guy to provide human character simulation for the NADS miniSim™ driving simulator.

NADS’ miniSim is a high-performance driving simulator software used for research, development, clinical, and training applications by universities and organizations around the world. The core software is based on the state-of-the-art technology developed over decades for the world- famous NADS-1 and used at the premier driving simulation facility.

NADS chose to add DI-Guy humans because these characters make the driving environment more realistic by becoming part of the simulation’s surroundings, like buildings, trees, and street furniture. DI-Guy simulated humans also provide both normal and unpredictable traffic interactions like a person crossing the street, or a child running into the street while chasing a basketball.

DI-Guy humans simulate motions and behavior in real-time and allow users to rapidly populate simulation scenarios with intelligent characters. DI-Guy is a multi-layered capability that can be integrated directly into an image generator (IG) to render characters simulated by others. It can play human character performances into scenes over the network and is empowered with artificial intelligence at every level. DI-Guy characters know how to find their way around an environment, can respond to other entities in the simulation, and make seamless transitions from one activity to the next, all while moving naturally like real people.

“Our goal from day one has been to deliver the most realistic driving simulation capability to our customers. DI-Guy enables users to populate the driving environment with realistic pedestrians and enhances our ability to orchestrate compelling scenarios.”

~ Andy VEIT
miniSim Program Manager, NADS

“The new software will enable us to conduct research examining driver behavior around pedestrians with an aim to reduce the number of pedestrians killed and injured each day.”

Director of Research, NADS


NADS is the nation’s premier driving simulation research and development facility. In 2001, it completed the first motion simulator of its kind in the world, the NADS-1, and has been conducting research for government agencies and industry organizations since then. Today, it operates a suite of compatible driving simulators the NADS-1, NADS-2, the NADS miniSim and a dual-purpose instrumented vehicle to conduct studies to help accelerate the adoption of new vehicle technologies for safety advancements and the next generation driving.

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