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SRC Inc. Chooses VR-Forces as Platform for Speech Synthesis Simulation

VT MAK and SRC Announce Partnership after Collaborating on Text-to-Speech API

Cambridge, Mass., November, 28 2011 VT MAK (MAK), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that SRC Inc. (SRC) has chosen MAK’s VR-Forces Computer Generated Forces (CGF) simulation solution as the platform for their speech synthesis simulation. VR-Forces’ robust open application programming interface (API) and text messaging capabilities were key factors in their choice.

This text-to-speech simulation environment will provide the ability to synthesize and manipulate natural sounding speech in multiple voices, while also allowing users to synthesize speakers from short recorded samples. From these samples, users will be able to generate many hundreds of individual speakers. Ultimately, a human listener will think and believe that the synthesized speech was produced by a live human. The overarching goal of the entire project is to train linguists in the collection of accurate intelligence from communication intercepts and in the understanding of rare dialects.

SRC found that VR-Forces provided a user-friendly and effective demonstration platform. They configured MAK’s CGF to fit their needs and were able to create a plugin for text-to-speech technology.

As a result of their successful work together, MAK and SRC have embarked on a marketing partnership . MAK will host SRC in their booth at I/ITSEC (Booth #2549), in Orlando this November 28 – December 2 where they will demonstrate their speech synthesis capabilities.

“MAK’s VR-Forces product has allowed SRC to explore various modeling and simulation environments in our Advanced Technology Initiatives Program. By enriching our research and development approach with virtual environments, our scientists and engineers can experience our customers’ problem sets from ‘inside’. Our progress in areas such as Natural Speech Synthesis, highlighted in a meaningful simulation, has connected our innovative solutions to the future success of our customers.”

President, SRC Inc.

“MAK is always striving to be on the front line of innovative concepts, ideas, and technologies. It was an honor to collaborate with SRC to develop their visionary text-to-speech simulation project, and we’re equally as honored to partner with them. SRC is a company with a wealth of innovative ideas in the application of science, technology and information, and together, MAK and SRC will accomplish great things.”

~Warren KATZ
Chief Executive Officer, VT MAK


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