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Georgia Mason University Chooses VT MAK Products for C4I Center

VR-Forces and VR-Vantage selected as backbone for modeling and simulation test bed at C4I Center and sister lab at Brazil’s Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica

Cambridge, Mass., May 4, 2011 ― VT MAK (MAK), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that George Mason University's (GMU) Center of Excellence in Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence (C4I) has selected VR-Forces simulation solution and VR-Vantage XR visualization tools as the foundation of their Modeling and Simulation test bed.

This system will be part of a collaboration with Brazil’s Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) in San José dos Campos where a similar system will be installed with the help of MAK's Latin American reseller, Latinmedia.

This test bed will be used at both ITA and at GMU's C4I Center. PhD students and researchers will use the collaborative system to develop new capabilities and technologies for future coalition command and control (C2).

GMU's C4I Center, housed in the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering, is the nation's first and only civilian university-based entity offering academic and research programs in military applications of information technology.

VR-Forces is MAK's Computer Generated Forces solution for generating and executing scenarios. It can be used as a tactical leadership trainer, threat generator for man-in-the-loop training systems, test bed for hardware-in-the-loop weapon systems development, or embedded course of action analysis stimulator for operational systems. VR-Forces' many customers include RUAG, Rheinmetall's ADOS program, and the Thales Watchkeeper UAV program.

VR-Vantage XR is part of MAK's full line of 2D and 3D visualization products. It comprises:

VR-Vantage XR – All the functionality of a 3D Stealth viewer and a 2D PVD viewer with the added unique "eXaggerated Reality" mode to achieve a big picture understanding of a battlefield situation, while maintaining an immersive sense of perspective. VR-Vantage Stealth – A 3D visualization tool that focuses on information. It provides a wide variety of data about the networked virtual world, overlaid on a realistic 3D scene.
VR-Vantage PVD – Tactical map display to increase awareness and help users gain new insight into the virtual environment or battle.
VR-Vantage IG – An image generation software solution that can be used to render a first-person view for a virtual trainer, to provide a sensor channel for a UAV simulation, or to generate simulated security camera feeds for a homeland security application.
VR-Vantage Toolkit – A powerful and flexible platform for developing 2D and 3D visualization applications.

Latinmedia is MAK's Latin American reseller and the leading regional provider of comprehensive simulation and IT solutions, tools, products and professional services for customers in commercial, military and government markets. Latinmedia offers the latest technological solutions, as well as finished products and integration of solutions for development of applications for simulation and visualization and real-time control.

“I am impressed by the widespread use of MAK's VR-Forces throughout Latin America. VR-Forces was the best choice for implementing the C2 research test bed between ITA in Brazil and George Mason University's C4I Center in the US.”

~ Michael HIEB, Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor
Center of Excellence in C4I
George Mason University

“We're delighted that ITA and George Mason University selected VR-Forces and VR-Vantage XR from all the commercial- and government-off-the-shelf solutions available to them. This demonstrates the continued melding of the modeling and simulation and the C2 markets, as well as the continued adoption of MAK's products into the operational world.”

~ Warren KATZ
Chief Executive Officer, VT MAK

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