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VT MAK Announces VR-TheWorld Terrain Solution

Open-Standards-Based Streaming Terrain Server Provides Web-Services
Approach to Delivering Terrain Data

London, May 18, 2010 ― VT MAK, (MAK), a company of VT Systems Inc (VT Systems), today announced the launch of VR-TheWorld Server, a new streaming terrain solution. This new solution supports a “virtual globe” style approach where simulation and visualization applications stream terrain directly from a server as users move about the world. It brings a direct-from-source, web-services-based approach to delivery of terrain data, bypassing the often time-consuming task of terrain database generation. The server was developed in conjunction with MAK partner Pelican Mapping, a company that specializes in GIS, 3D visualization, mapping, and location-based services.

Users can deploy VR-TheWorld Server in their facilities; on private, secure networks to provide streaming terrain data to simulation and visualization applications behind a firewall.

VR-TheWorld Server can be easily populated with users’ custom data through a web-based interface or MAK can provide data to meet project specific requirements.

To allow customers to experience the streaming terrain concept, MAK is offering an online service called VR-TheWorld Online ― an instance of VR-TheWorld Server hosted in the cloud.

VR-TheWorld Online delivers a global base map and a representative set of high-resolution areas. Users just point their client applications at, and their 3D world is automatically filled with elevation data and imagery for any area of the globe as they fly through the world.

VR-TheWorld Server and VR-TheWorld Online work out of the box with MAK’s VR-Forces and VR-Vantage applications. And because they are built around open standards like WMS (Open Geospatial Consortium’s Web Mapping Service) and TMS (OSGeo’s Tile Map Service), any customer or 3rd party application that supports these standards (including web apps) can access VR-TheWorld.

“Access to high quality, accurate, original-source-based geospatial terrain data anytime, anywhere, for any location on earth, instantaneously and at very low cost has been the Holy Grail of the simulation world for decades. VR-TheWorld is a watershed product that will change the way simulations interface with terrain.”

~ Warren KATZ

“Last year, MAK implemented streaming terrain on the client side in both VR-Vantage and VR-Forces. Now, we are proud to offer a complementary solution for the server side. VR-TheWorld Server and VR-TheWorld Online are the latest examples of our commitment to Terrain Agility in MAK products.”

Vice President, Product Division, VT MAK

MAK will be participating at ITEC 2010 (Booth #G140) to be held in London from 18 ― 20 May 2010.

Pricing and Availability

VR-TheWorld Server will be available in Q3 of 2010. VR-TheWorld Online is available now at no cost to VR-Vantage and VR-Forces customers and for trial use by others. For additional information and pricing, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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