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Metaphor Systems Chooses VT MAK'S VR-TheWorld Server for Broadcast Television Mapping Application

New OEM agreement adds streaming global map and imagery server to
Metaphor's Metacast® Magellani map and animation authoring tool

Las Vegas, Nev., April 11, 2011 ― VT MAK, (MAK), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that Metaphor Systems AS (Metaphor) has signed an OEM agreement with MAK for VR-TheWorld Server. The agreement allows Metaphor to offer a streaming global map and imagery server along with its Metacast® Magellani mapping and animation authoring tool. Metaphor is demonstrating the use of its products with VR-TheWorld Server in their booth (#SU2011C1) at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 11-14, 2011.

Metaphor's Metacast® software products allow broadcast television stations to author 2D and 3D on-air weather graphics and animations. Metacast Magellani is Metaphor's newest product which enables journalists to quickly create custom maps, animations, and scenes for news, sports, events, and other broadcast segments.

MAK's VR-TheWorld Server is an open-standards-based streaming terrain server that manages large collections of elevation, imagery, and map data, tiles the data for optimal performance, and serves the data to native or web-based client applications via standard web-services protocols. VR-TheWorld Server's primary market is in defense modeling and simulation where it provides correlated streaming terrain to real-time simulation systems, image generators, and "virtual-globe" visualization applications. Users can deploy VR-TheWorld Server in their own facilities (on private, secure networks) and can upload custom data through a web-based user interface.

Under the new OEM agreement, Metaphor is able to sell and deliver VR-TheWorld Server to its television station customers pre-configured with a combination of worldwide background data and hi-resolution insets for each television station's local areas of interest. Users of Metaphor's client applications can stream data "on-demand" as they navigate through the world to animate their stories.

"Our new partnership with Metaphor underscores the versatility of VR-TheWorld Server, and the power of the open-standards approach to providing streaming terrain and mapping data. Metaphor Systems was able to quickly connect to our server from their own custom client applications. We are excited about how fast VR-TheWorld Server has allowed us to expand into new markets."

Vice President, Products and Solutions, VT MAK

"VR-TheWorld Server allows us to provide a robust, scalable terrain solution along with our new Magellani product. MAK and its technology partner, Pelican Mapping, have been very supportive in helping us to bring this solution to market."

Executive Director, Metaphor Systems

Metaphor Systems ( was one of the pioneering companies in delivering software for visualization of weather on TV. Metaphor was the first to integrate meteorological forecasting model output data within the on-air weather presentation. Since 1995, the company has provided tailored, cutting edge information technology solutions and graphics services to the worldwide broadcast and convergence media market. Metaphor's technology serves more than 100 broadcast clients worldwide with full-service weather broadcast solutions for TV, internet and mobile technologies.

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VT Systems is an engineering company providing integrated solutions to the commercial and government markets in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. VT Systems' innovative solutions, products and services include aircraft maintenance, repair and modification; software solutions in training and simulation; satellite-based IP communications technology; network solutions that integrate data, voice and video; rugged computers and computer peripheral equipment; specialized truck bodies and trailers; weapons and munitions systems; road construction equipment; and ship design and shipbuilding. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., VT Systems operates globally and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ST Engineering. Please visit

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