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    • Sensor Operator Training
    • March 1 - (March Newsletter)
    • Sensor operators and aircraft pilots provide critical intelligence and support during complex, sometimes dangerous missions. To qualify, they must have in-depth control of the ground control station sensor system along with the tactical prowess required to work as a team during missions with unpredictable complications.
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    • VT MAK releases VR-Exchange 2.6
    • February 14 - (Product Announcement)
    • VR-Exchange 2.6 is a major feature release that continues to make it faster and easier to use. In addition, this release adds support for RTI Systems DDS implementation.
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    • VT MAK releases VR-Engage 1.3
    • February 13 - (Product Announcement)
    • VT MAK is pleased to announce the release of VR-Engage 1.3. MAK’s VR-Engage multi-role virtual simulator lets you “Get in the Game” by controlling a first-person human character; or acting as the driver, gunner or commander of a ground vehicle; the pilot of an airplane or helicopter; or a sensor operator.
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