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MAK Executive Team

Dan Schimmel - Chief Executive Officer 


Dan Schimmel brings a broad set of business skills to his new role as MAK's CEO. He has over twenty years of experience leading cutting-edge software and information services companies that have delivered high growth and profitable returns for investors.

Most recently, Schimmel managed the growth of Pyramid Research, a seller of syndicated analyst content covering the global communications and media industries. Before Pyramid, Schimmel was CEO of OneSource Information Services, an early innovator of delivering web-based company and industry information.  Schimmel initially led a private-equity backed management buyout of OneSource from Lotus Development, forming an independent company, ultimately taking the company public in 1999.  During his tenure, Schimmel led the transformation of OneSource from a CD-based product company to a web-based subscription product, which produced rapid revenue growth and expanded the size and profitability of its customer base.  Schimmel led the further expansion of the company into customized embedded solutions before selling the company to infoGroup in 2004.

Prior to the spin-out of OneSource, Dan Schimmel held several positions of increasing responsibility at Lotus Development, including leadership roles in product management, marketing, and general management.  While at Lotus, Schimmel gained experience in both the flagship software business as well as the information services unit.  

Earlier in his career, Schimmel held consulting positions with Bain & Company and CSP International.  He contributed to strategy engagements in the software, communications, information, and steel industries.   

Schimmel earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Harvard University and an Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.   He has served on the boards of venture-backed companies and was recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001.

Kathy Pratt - Chief Financial Officer

KATHY_PRATTKathy Pratt brings extensive experience as a senior financial executive to her role as VT MAK’s Chief Financial Officer. Pratt has a strong record of enhancing operational performance that is aiding in MAK’s growth. She is responsible for overall financial management of MAK, its financial reporting, contracts, human resources, and corporate functions, and participates in strategic planning. Pratt joined VT MAK in 2007 with over 20 years of experience leading internal and external financial planning, management, analysis, budgeting, and reporting.

Before joining MAK, Pratt worked with the Education Development Center, Inc., a world-renowned health and human services organization, as both the Director of Accounting and Finance and the Director of The Office of Sponsored Programs. She managed all accounting and finance functions, while also assuming responsibility for the overall management of grant and contract administration.

Pratt started her career at BBN Technologies, a diversified high-technology company, where she gained experience in a range of senior roles Accounting and Operational Finance, and was the company’s founding chair of its Women in Technology initiative. Her responsibilities varied from managing the financials for nine operating units, to directing the finance and accounting activities of the Human-Computer Collaborative Systems Business Unit, to implementing a company-wide mentoring program with record-breaking participation.

Pratt did her undergraduate work in Accounting at Bentley College and holds a Master of Business Administration from Simmons Graduate School of Management.

Len Granowetter - Vice President, Products & Solutions


Len Granowetter has been with MAK since 1993. He currently serves as MAK’s Vice President of Products with overall responsibility for MAK’s Modeling and Simulation Products business, including support and training.

From 1999-2009, Granowetter was MAK’s Director of Product Development, responsible for setting strategic direction and overseeing the design, development, documentation, and technical support for MAK’s suite of commercial products.  Under his direction, MAK’s product line expanded from a few interoperability toolkits to a full portfolio of applications, plug-ins, and developer’s tools, spanning the focus areas of Link, Simulate, and Visualize.

Prior to assuming that role, Granowetter was MAK’s Lead Products Engineer.  He was the primary architect and developer of MAK’s flagship product, the VR-Link Simulation Networking toolkit, for several years.  He was responsible for transitioning MAK’s products from DIS to HLA, and for designing VR-Link’s FOM-Mapping architecture to support FOM Agility in MAK products.  He was also the original architect of the MAK High-Performance RTI.

Granowetter has been heavily involved in interoperability standards efforts.  He has served as Chairman of SISO’s Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Study Group, as Chairman and Lead Editor of SISO’s Dynamic-Link-Compatible HLA API Product Development Group, as Lead Editor of the C++ API and member of the Drafting Group for HLA Evolved, and as a core contributor to SISO’s RPR FOM Product Development Group.  He was also an active member of the US DoD’s LVC Architecture Roadmap (LVCAR) Study’s Working Group.

Mr. Granowetter holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ben Lubetsky - Vice President, Sales


Ben Lubetsky is MAK’s Vice President of Sales. He is a seasoned sales and business development leader with a technology rich background.

Before joining MAK, Lubetsky was the senior director of marketing and business development at Attunity, where he was responsible for creating and expanding strategic partnerships as well as managing marketing. At Vertical Communications he was vice president of partner development and sales operations, helping the company grow revenue 400%. He has also held the role of European director for Omtool and director marketing & industry alliances for Navic Networks.

Lubetsky was MAK’s first employee, working as the director of business development, sales, and marketing for nine years. He started his career at Bolt Beranak and Newman.

Lubetsky holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Boston University.


Dan Brockway - Vice President, Marketing


Dan Brockway is MAK’s Vice President of Marketing, responsible for market research, marketing communications, sales support, and acting as liaison to product management. Brockway brings more than two decades of modeling and simulation industry experience to the role including work with visual, NVG, and IR sensor simulation; 3D modeling, terrain generation, and rendering; satellite imagery and geographic information systems; and software engineering.

Prior to joining MAK, Brockway spent more than a decade at MultiGen-Paradigm, serving in a variety of roles including Vice President of Product Management. In this role his responsibilities included management of the Creator, Creator Terrain Studio, and Vega Prime product lines.

In the early 1990’s, Brockway worked for SAIC on the War Breaker project as head of the Advanced Graphics Team, where he hired MAK to develop its first stealth visualization tool.

Brockway began his career with Greenhorne & O’Mara, integrating Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology into civil, transportation, and earth sciences engineering projects.

Brockway holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University.


Jim Kogler - Vice President, COTS Products

Jim Kogler

Jim Kogler brings refined engineering skills and vast customer knowledge to his role as Vice President of COTS Products. He is responsible for overseeing the strategic design, market positioning, engineering development, documentation, and technical support for all MAK products.

In past roles at MAK, Kogler has designed and developed key software, including VR-Exchange, MAK Gateway, and the MAK FOM Editor. He developed many of the standards and processes by which MAK software is built. Through building teams and overseeing the roll-out of new products and product lines, he has helped to shape MAK's market direction and enable the pursuit of strategic business opportunities.

Kogler is actively involved in the Modeling and Simulation Interoperability community through SISO (Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization) and IEEE. He served several terms on, and was elected Vice Chair of, the Standards Activities Committee (SAC), as well as being elected Secretary of the Board of Trustees for SISO Inc. Mr. Kogler has long been involved with the development of the RPR FOM and formerly held the position of Chairman of the PRR FOM Product Development Group. He is a balloting member of IEEE 1278.1-2010, IEEE 1516-1010, and has served as SISO representative to the IEEE Standards Activity Board.

Kogler holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Clarkson University and a Master of Science in International Economics from Suffolk University.