WebLVC Testbed Apps

This is the WebLVC Testbed

The testbed is a collection of simulation exercises hosted by MÄK that you can access with these web and mobile applications. All the apps use WebLVC to communicate between your browser and the hosted simulation exercises. Give them a try, then let us know how you plan to use web and mobile applications.

Mobile Apps!

Applications designed specifically to be used on mobile devices

These applications participate in a shared simulation exercise hosted by MÄK. They use VR-Forces to run the simulation and VR-Vantage to stream video to mobile devices and web applications. Give them a try! See also the Mobile Apps page and the Training System Demonstrator page.

VR-Vantage Viewer
Instructor + Viewer

Launch a page with both the Instructor
and the Viewer.

ControllerViewer App
Controller + Viewer

Control VR-Vantage from a mobile device or desktop.

VR-Vantage Viewer App
VR-Vantage Viewer

View video streaming from VR-Vantage.

Instructor App

Control and stimulate simulation
with events for training.

Commander App

Command entities from a tactical map.


VR-Vantage Controller

Control VR-Vantage from a mobile device or desktop.

Web applications!

Launch these applications, download the client app source code, and use them to build your own web applications. Share what you learn in MÄK’s WebLVC Community Forum. We’ll even host your web clients here in the WebLVC Testbed site.

WebLVC Server Sample Apps 

These simple apps are included with the MÄK WebLVC Server product to illustrate how to send/receive data through the WebLVC protocol.

Simple Listener

Receives entity information via the WebLVC protocol and draws dots on a 2D map to indicate their locations.

Simple Publisher

Client-side simulation of an aircraft flying in a circle; publishes state via the WebLVC protocol.

Diagnostic Message Inspector

Displays the contents of WebLVC messages as they arrive.

WebLVC Suite Apps

The Suite apps are more functional and general-purpose. They are included with the MÄK WebLVC Suite product, but not with the MÄK WebLVC Server product alone.

2d-3d-viewer2D/3D Viewer

2D tactical map display and 3D display, side by side.  (Requires a recent version of Chrome or IE 10.x.  Firefox support coming soon).

detonatenow_smallDetonate Now

Click on a map and cause a detonation to happen at the clicked location immediately. Detonation interactions are sent directly from the JavaScript app using WebLVC.

CloseAirSupport_smallClose Air Support

This is an example of a web-based role player station that can be built using WebLVC.  It allows you to call for close air support using a standard 9-line interface.

VR-f_control_2VR-Forces Control

This web app provides simple VCR-style controls for playing, pausing, and rewinding the current VR-Forces scenario.

WebLVC Demonstration Apps

The Demonstration Apps are custom applications whose purpose is to demonstrate how components from the MÄK WebLVC Suite Apps can be used as a starting point for further development.

weblvc-icon-uas-role-player-stationUAS Role Player Station

An example application built with the components of WebLVC Suite.

Simulation Manager

Simulation Manager lets you control each of the MÄK Data Loggers hosted in the cloud.

Esri ArcGIS 2D Viewer

Esri ArcMap based 2D viewer shows entities within the Testbed Exercise.

Open Layers 2D Viewer

Open Layers based 2D viewer shows entities within the Testbed Exercise and uses VR-TheWorld Online to serve imagery.

Google Earth 3D Viewer

Google Earth based 3D viewer shows entities within the Testbed Exercise.  Requires recent version of Chrome or Firefox.


About the Testbed

WebLVC Testbed 

Where Live, Virtual, & Constructive Simulation Meets the Web

Our WebLVC testbed is the place for you to evaluate, experiment, and innovate on the Web. This testbed is
made up of several parts:

  • A collection of web clients that demonstrate the possibilities of M&S moving to the web – try them in the "WebLVC Testbed Apps" tab.
  • Hosted copies of our simulation tools, VR-Forces, VR-Vantage, and The MÄK Data Logger – these applications provide a persistent shared distributed-simulation exercise running in the cloud for you to use and test against.
  • A hosted copy of the MÄK WebLVC Server – This allows our Testbed web-clients, and the web-clients that you make, to interact with the shared distributed-simulation exercise.


Just as MÄK has always provided interoperability tools for developers of M&S applications, we are now helping the M&S community move to the Web. The time is right.