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VR-Link for Unity: HLA and DIS for Unity Game Engine

HLA and DIS Interoperability Standards for Unity Game Engine – try it today!

VR-Link for Unity brings High Level Architecture (HLA) and Distributed Interactive Simulations (DIS) interoperability to the Unity game engine. Built on MÄK’s VR-Link simulation networking toolkit, this asset package allows you to bring Unity-based games into existing distributed simulation environments using standard Modeling & Simulation protocols. VR-Link for Unity supports all the various flavors of HLA and DIS, including HLA 1.3, HLA 1516, and is compatible with any compliant HLA RTI.

Interact and Engage

Through VR-Link for Unity, a role player or trainee playing a Unity-based game can interact and engage with entities modeled by external simulations, including computer-generated forces. VR-Link for Unity handles dead-reckoning and smoothing of entity positions, conversion from Unity’s local coordinate system to geocentric world coordinates, movement of articulated parts, fire and detonate events, embarkation of Unity entities on remotely simulated vehicles, transmitters, signal interactions, and laser designators.