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Spring cleaning, MÄK-style.

With the April release of an entirely updated product suite, MÄK’s software is better positioned to address your simulation challenges than ever before. Whether you’re developing a simple simulation scenario or dealing with complex program requirements, MÄK products are intuitive and scalable to meet your full range of simulation needs. Get to know MÄK and find out what's new.

VT MÄK Software Product List

Let us help you find the MÄK modeling and simulation development software product you're looking for.

Link-Interoperability Products


  • VR-Forces – Computer Generated Forces & Simulator Development
  • MÄK CST – Command & Staff Training



  • ECOSim – Enhanced Company Operations Simulation
  • Lifeform Server – Lifeform Server combines DI-Guy Scenario, AI, and Networking into a single integrated solution
  • DI-Guy AI – Complete AI solution for controlling humans and other virtual entities
  • DI-Guy Scenario – A point-and-click application for quickly generating compelling human performances
  • DI-Guy Expressive Faces – Facial animation for realistic, up-close 3D human simulation
  • DI-Guy SDK – Add realistic human characters to 3D graphical applications
  • DI-Guy for Unity Game Engine – Add Human Characters to Unity games
  • DI-Guy Motion Editor – Add and extend motion behaviors for DI-Guy SDK and DI-Guy Scenario



  • MÄK WebLVC Suite – Observe, Control, and Participate in Your Distributed Simulations